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Property Of...

Impulsive young heiress, Minn Rockwell, falls in love with Granville Lyons, a handsome Navajo Indian, when she vacations out west with two friends in Idaho. She marries him and brings him east. They buy a house. He cheats on her and physically abuses her. She divorces him with the help of her rich Uncle Charles, who handles her accounts.


She meets another man at a singles club. His name is Jackson Lock. They fall in love; however, she packs her bags and disappears, never leaving notice for anyone about where she has gone. He thought things were going well in their relationship and is curious. He breaks into her empty house and listens to her phone messages. One is her Granville telling her to come home. She is going to have his baby. Jackson hates children and has never been with Minn, so she can't rope him into marriage, telling him the child is his. She keeps her pregnancy a secret from Jackson.


Thinking that she has been kidnapped, he goes to Idaho to look for them. They are living in a trailer in Blackfoot. Minn has a miscarriage before they leave for the east coast. Granville knows about the aborted infant, but Jackson is kept in the dark.


Jackson shoots Granville, leaving him for dead, and brings Minn back to New Jersey, where he gets a secret vasectomy.


A horrendous surprise is in store for Minn and Jackson. The police become involved, and there is somewhat of a happy ending