Retired social misfit, Oxnard Chockley, lives in the small town of Dellatrove with his obese black cat, Bacchus. A very strange little man moves in across the street whose sole purpose is to abduct Oxnard and deliver him to an alien force for the purpose of recruiting other specimens to study in the limbo-like land of Etheria.


IP Book Reviewers

"My sense is that this book will be interesting to young adults who enjoy quirky science fiction. The author has my rapt attention until the alien abductions begin."


"This short novel gives me the sensation of reading the secret surfacing of a story going on in the collective unconscious. According to scientists, we supposedly always have a dreamlike archetypal fantasy hiding itself, playing in some dark matter in our brains. And substantial number of people carry around confounding, supernatural seeming memories that they seek to come to terms with, even if they never are able to explain them. Those folks especially, and those hankering for that, can enjoy inhabiting that supernatural world inside themselvps in this book. "