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Incident in Braxton Hollow

Incident in Braxton Hollow- In Braxton Hollow, a very small town in north-central Oregon, Heddy Roman owns and operates a second-hand store that has a flea market every Saturday at "the Bend" Esau Carson, formerly from Braxton Hollow, returns after serving in the Army and divorcing his wife. He wants to start life anew in his hometown by finally dating sexy Heddy, who he went to school with. She has become a widow, having lost a baby before her teenage husband was killed in an auto accident. When they get together, he relates his past to her. Although she develops warm feelings for him, she is hesitant to rent him the spare room in her house. He convinces her that she shouldn't be alone, that the suspicious stranger from the flea market, who bought the ax, was reason that she needed protection. His affections towards her are welcome, but seem false. She lets love into the picture and tries to cope with the consequences of his actions. All of his affections for Heddy bring a jealous old lover back into the picture with a second rejected proposal of marriage. Jealousy and rejection bring about a curious ending.