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A Louisiana Mystery

Celeste Marchand, unhappy daughter of a clown in a small traveling circus, runs away with the fire eater's son, Billy. They each find temporary destinies on the streets of Massapequa, Long Island, New York. At seventeen, she earns money as an exotic dancer, turning tricks for extra money. Retired Pastor Dunham takes her into his home to protect and educate her. His friend Dr. Bea Collins, a psychiatrist, counsels Celeste each week until Dunham dies, leaving his fortune to Celeste. She relocates in New Orleans, wanting to start an independent existence, hoping to find a forever love to share her life with. She is stalked by a handsome stranger who has her mesmerized yet keeps his distance. Two other men fancy her. One is a successful entrepreneur, and the other is a divorced police officer. Her shrink comes to visit her and reveals her own shocking past. People aren't who they present themselves to be, and Celeste struggles to see the truth and becomes stronger. Grim events at a voodoo ritual send her back to her home, still searching for her forever love.