A famous aeronautic scientist and his wife try to transplant the society of doomed planet  Anthros to the planet, Braun, where all females have been banished to the sea.

20The High Road(1).jpg

The High Road

A divorced young woman gets a job on the New Jersey boardwalk, working for an older Scotch man with a drinking problem who inherits  a castle. He is sweet on her, but she doesn’t go with him until she realizes that she has been led on by a hitman

23Burning, Burning-The Perryville Disast

Burning, Burning: The Perryville Disaster

A young girl who is adopted by strict parents falls for a young boy up the mountain. There are rumors of dragons that came from the fissure in the burning coal fire that just won’t go out. Her druggist father makes feel good pills from the smoke berries for the townspeople.

22The Garden Sphere(1).jpg

The Garden Sphere

An Hispanic couple is sent to Mars to start a colony. They are surprised to find that the robotic land rovers that were left behind on the planet have reproduced and built an enormous greenhouse that can feed the Earth. They beget a strange son named Mars.



Aliens take over a town in Oregon by turning people into neon glowing balls. The Indian boy in the village falls for a young girl, whose parents have been killed by them.



A city couple tries camping, only to find the story of a missing girl that people have given up looking for.

26Incident at Braxton Hollow(1).jpg

Incident at Braxton Hollow

Sexy lady who lost her husband when they were newly married teens runs a thrift shop. She sells an ax to a suspicious lumberjack and meets up with an old high school sweetheart.

27The Dark Room-Where Memories Die(1).jp

The Dark Room: Where Memories Die

A crazy old man imagines a world where he has a twin and invites townsfolk to come to his mansion for dinner, games, and sex

9Mountain House(1).jpg

Mountain House

a young man inherits a mountain house and takes three of his friends to see it.