11A Louisiana Mystery(1).jpg

Louisiana Mystery

The heroine wants a forever love that is pure. He finds her, but there is a hitch.



A homely man forces himself on two women living in an old house, saying he will maintain the property

29The Darlington Rogue(1).jpg

The Darlington Rogue

The subject that survives the splicing of genes finds a mate and reproduces  to further the experiment

28The Conch Conversion(1).jpg

The Conch Conversion

A noted scientist wishes to prove Darwin’s theory by putting man back into the sea

15House Arrest(1).jpg

House Arrest

A cocky young son of an attorney gets in big trouble involving a car accident. His father gives him an unusual punishment…to care for his victim in her home until she is well

30Global Warming-Water Babies(1).jpg

Global Warming: Water Babies

The final experiment reveals a surprise ending

17The Man Inside(1).jpg

The Man Inside

A journalist leaves her job at the paper because she has trouble keeping to the facts. She moves to the Eastern Shore in an old farm house to write a fiction novel, now that she has her family’s large inheritance.

16The Caregiver(1).jpg

The Caregiver

A woman breaks up with her boyfriend and gets a job as a live-in caregiver for an obnoxious old man who has an alarming secret



A retired man who worked for the ball bearing factory lives alone in a small town with his gigantic black cat, Baucus. A strange neighbor recruits him to work for the mysterious “Force”

18The Moneyscope(1).jpg

The Moneyscope

A handsome man who is an undercover cop, writes a story about the case he is working on. He is a part-time actor who falls for the daughter of her father, who was murdered.