When Eyes are Closed

In our lifetime, we have all had at least one nightmare. We are lucky to waken from it, frightened, but consoled in knowing that it was only a dream. It is then dismissed, and we go about our day.

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The MAN Inside

Amanda Effrem, nicknamed Effie, a young woman journalist, confused about her chosen career path, moves to the country on the Eastern Shore and becomes enamored with Mortimer Washington, a handsome idiot savant. 



Halloween tale of two women sent back to another century to solve a mystery

Seedling: The Evil Hybrid

Scientist creates a giant sunflower/man to keep his secret formula

4Property Of...(1).jpg

Property Of…

A rich young lady travels to Idaho on vacation with friends and marries a Navajo man

3No Warning(1).jpg

No Warning

A seaside resort town is plagued with unexpected storms until a fortune teller comes to town

5The Fix(1).jpg

The Fix

An evil doctor invents a pill that cures all ills, but it doesn’t work

6Big Town(1).jpg

Big Town

A government weight-loss facility converts fat to fuel using robots and treadmills


Tortue of Breton Swamp

a young southern girl becomes pregnant by her father and is forced to abort the fetus. It floats downstream into the swamp and is ingested by a snapping turtle. It is born with the turtle’s clutch of eggs and winds up looking like a turtle and is reunited with her mother

7After Big Town-Raising Cane(1).jpg

After Big Town: Raising Cane

The manager of the defunct Big Town sells contraband sugar